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for RTM technology

Pentacore Coreflow

Pentacore Coreflow is prouded of 2 layers of chopped strands and middle layer of polypropylene fibers, all 3 layers are sewed together by polyester thread. Pentacore Coreflow is suitable for RTM, RTM light and vacuum production technologies.

Glass roving used in Pentacore Coreflow is coated with a silane-based sizing compatible with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. Pentacore Coreflow has excellent flexibility and moldability in complicated moulds, fast resing flow and wet-out which ensure very good mechanical properties to final parts.


If you are interested in some type of Pentacore Coreflow, with pleasure we send you samples with our offer after your request.

Sendwichové materiály

Our offer

Pentacore Coreflow

  • 150C150
  • 150D150
  • 200C200
  • 200C200
  • 200D200
  • 300C300
  • 300D300
  • 450C450
  • 450D450
  • 600C600
  • 600D600
  • C= polypropylene core 180 g/m2
  • D= polypropylene core 250 g/m2


  • 125cm or 250 cm
  • Possible all different widths based on customer demand

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